Psakoudia are the seaport of Ormylia and is a coastal village with a beach more than 4 km, awarded for a great many years with the famous Blue Flag.

The pine forest with the olive trees, is the typical image of the landscape in and around our village, which is supplemented by the turquoise sea. It is located 50 minutes by car from Thessaloniki, while due to its location, is regarded as the gateway of Sithonia and attracts thousands of tourists. Polygyros, the capital city of Halkidiki, is about 20 minutes by car and could be the center of your excursions in all directions and attractions of the area: from Kallithea and the first leg of Halkidiki, the mountainous hinterland with natural sights of Halkidiki, up to Mount Athos (inaccessible to women) in the 3rd leg of the coastline.

Mount Athos is a self-governed monastic state of Greece, comprising at least 20 monasteries and numerous monastic institutions. Unique site visit for believers of Orthodox Christianity as well as other guests who would like to sense the sanctity and uniqueness of this place. Since 1988, Mount Athos is included in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Psakoudia, as a tourism destination have almost everything: groceries, restaurants, taverns, bars, cafes, pizzerias, etc. And they combine relaxation with nightlife. In other words, you will not have to travel far or hassle looking for shopping and entertainment in another area unless you wish to visit another site.