The coastline of Halkidiki was first colonized around the 8th BC century by people coming from the area of Halkida and Eretria. However, the archaeological excavations have brought to the surface settlement derived even from the Neolithic period (5000 years ago!).

Discoveries of the cave Petralona show the presence of man in the region even from 200 thousand to 700 thousand years before the present era.

Halkidiki was the land of the Giants as well as the battlefield when those tried to expel the gods from mount Olympus. After all, as it is said in our mythology, Enceladus, one of the Giants has been buried there when he was crushed by a rock thrown by the gods of Olympus!

Nowadays, Halkidiki is known worldwide for the unique beauty of its landscape, for the turquoise waters of the sea which washes its shores, for its top quality tourist facilities and infrastructure available as well as for the sense of hospitality of the resident population. The mother of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle could not be different!

All this and even more awaits you to enjoy!!!