Archaeological sites

In the nearby and surrounding area, there are important archaeological sites that you should visit during your stay:

Stagira: is the place where was born the great philosopher and teacher of Alexander the Great,Aristotle.It is located in the northeast side of Halkidiki and away from the city of the Thessaloniki 73 km.

Suez Xerxes (40 minutes): this canal was built by Xerxes during the Persian Wars so as to avoid the circumnavigation of the coastline of Mount Athos, while due to the ferocity of the sea, Mardonius’ fleet had sunk.

Mende (40 minutes): ancient town that got its name from the plant Minthi (mint), famous for the "Mendaio Wine", which flourished from the 8th till the 5th century BC. The archaeological site is located on a hilltop and covers an area of about 7 hectares.

Olynthus (15 minutes): another ancient town which became very important and famous in the 4th century B.C. with an archaeological site where the visitor can sense its history and its importance as the political center of that era.

Petralona Cave (25 minutes): Maybe the most important archaeological place that you will ever visit. In this cave, traces of people were found, up to 700,000 years old, which are one of the oldest Europeans (according to the archaeologist Aris Poulianos)..